Working Two Jobs No Days Off – Does It Make Sense Money Wise?

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You may be in a position where you have no choice but to work two jobs. It may seem like all you do is work, but you never get ahead. It’s like a hamster that goes around and around on that wheel. So, working two jobs with no days off, does it really make sense money-wise? Not always. There are hidden costs that come with working two jobs.

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The Invisible Costs Associated With Working Two Jobs

On the surface of things, if you’re short on cash or have a part-time job, it might seem to make sense to work a second job for extra money, but there are hidden costs you need to take into consideration.

Federal Taxes Can Take Most of Your Second Paycheck

If your second job is a part-time one, there is a good chance you don’t make enough for them to take out federal taxes.

That means at the end of the year, you could owe tax instead of getting a refund. 

Depending on your situation, the federal taxes you own could take a big chunk out of the money you made working a second job.

So all that extra hard work, may not have paid off in the end after all.

Your Body Pays a Heavy Price

When you’re working two jobs it seems like all you do is finish working one and then you’re on the run to the second one. 

There is very little if any downtime. When you’re not working you have to take care of household chores, do laundry, grocery shop, you name it.

And when it comes to sleep, forget about it. You’re lucky if you get a good six hours a night.

After a while, it all starts to catch up with you. You start to get sick more often. You have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning and you’re tired all of the time.

Your body gets worn down and you start making mistakes at work. It’s harder to concentrate and you could even have an accident.

The Stress Can Overwhelm You

Working two jobs is stressful. You are always juggling multiple balls in the air. Stress can make you drop one.

Not to mention too much stress for too long can cause all sorts of serious health issues such as heart disease. 

You need to really consider if that second job is worth the havoc it can cause on your body and mind.

 sunset and woman working on tablet - working two jobs no days offThe Blunders That Can Come with Working Two Jobs 

There can be some consequences of working two jobs that you don’t see coming until it’s too late.

Be Sure To Use the Extra Money Wisely

If you’re working that second job to pay off bills or build up your savings account, be sure you are using the money wisely.

Sometimes when you have extra money it is really easy to buy unnecessary things. You tell yourself you deserve a treat because you’ve been working so hard, and you’re right, you do. 

But if you’re working this hard to save money, then you are kind of shooting yourself in your own foot.

If you spend unwisely, you will prolong the time you need to spend working that extra job and you’re kind of back on that hamster wheel.

Don’t Do Anything That Will Get You Fired From Your Main Job

If you have a full-time job that is your major source of income be sure not to do anything to lose it.

That could include coming in late because you were up all night working at your second job, or making mistakes at work because you were tired, and didn’t get enough sleep.

Also, having to leave work early, too often, to get to your second job can be an issue as well.

While at work at your main job, do your best to focus on the task at hand and make doing a good job a top priority.

Watch Your Job-Related Expenses

Just like taxes, there can be other expenses that eat away at your second income.

This can include items such as gas to drive to a second job or transportation costs if you take a bus or subway.

You might also be grabbing fast food or some other type of food out because you don’t have time to make a meal between jobs.

Being tired, you could slip into a habit of buying coffee to keep yourself awake during your second shift.

All of these items can quickly make the money you earn on a second job disappear.

For example, I worked a second job for a short period of time to make some extra money. Each morning, I would stop and buy a Starbucks coffee and a breakfast sandwich to take to work with me.

It would cost me around $11 each morning. Well, I happened to be earning $11 an hour at this second job, so in reality, I was kind of working for free for the first hour of my day.

Sure, I got paid for that hour of work, but I was spending it before I even got there. 

While $11 doesn’t seem like a lot of money, it adds up over time and it certainly decreased my second income by $55 a week or $220 a month, so it is something to think about.

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Bon Fide Alternatives to Working Two Jobs

I get it. Sometimes you need extra money just to make the ends meet. It can be tough out there and you have got to do what you’ve got to do. 

I applaud you for working so hard to take care of yourself and your family. You should feel good about that.

But there are other ways to make extra money without getting a second job that you should consider. You’ll have more control over your time and even over how much money you make.

Side Gigs and Side Hustles

I’m a big believer in side gigs or side hustles. In a way, that’s how I have made my money for years. I don’t work for someone else, but I do have several streams of income from various side hustles.

There are so many opportunities to make money from home or online that there is something you can find that you will enjoy.

The best two things about working for yourself are you have complete control over when you work and how much you work.

Also working from home saves you money and stress.

Another great thing is that you control how much money you make. Work a bit harder or smarter and earn more. There is no one telling you how much your time is worth.

Getting a Better 9 to 5 Job

I get it. Working for yourself is not for everyone. Even though I highly recommend it. 

For example, my older sister can’t stand the idea of the risk and uncertainty that comes from working for herself. 

She needs to see that paycheck each and every week to feel safe and secure, and that’s okay.

If you’re like her and are working two jobs, your goal should be to find a better full-time job. I know, that can be easier said than done, but take what tiny bit of free time you have and make that your goal.

If you can manage to find a better full-time job, then you can kick the second job to the curb and have a more enjoyable life with more free time and more money to pursue your for pinterest with the number 2

Determine Your Long Term Goal

If you are working two jobs, what’s your long-term goal? Are you doing it because you have no other choice or are you trying to save money?

Give some thought as to what happens when you meet your goal. Will you quit? Will you continue on? Or will you look to make changes to improve your career like going back to college or gaining a new skill?

Having a goal to reach will help make working two jobs a bit easier as you see yourself getting closer to obtaining it with each paycheck.

Related Questions:

Is Working Two Jobs Worth It?

It can be, but it depends on why you are working two jobs. You should have a goal that you are trying to obtain by working two jobs. Otherwise, you might end up spending the extra money and not getting where you want and need to be.

Can Working 2 Jobs Kill You?

Having two jobs can cause you health issues if you are stressed out and overly tired, but actually killing you is unlikely.

Is It Worth Having Two Part-Time Jobs?

It can be. It all depends on why you are working two part-time jobs. If it is because you haven’t been able to find a full-time job then yes it is worth it.

If you don’t have any other way of paying the bills then it is worth it as well.

Ultimately, however, you should work towards one full-time job or work for yourself.

Can I Get a Second Job While Working Full-Time?

Yes, you can get a second job while working full-time. Just make sure that your second job doesn’t interfere with your full-time job.

You want to protect that main job.

To Sum it All Up:

Working two jobs with no days off does it make sense money-wise? It can, but there are some real downsides such as additional costs of a second job, possible health issues, and jeopardizing your main job.

If you plan to work two jobs do take some time to determine if the extra time spent is actually worth the extra money you make.

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