What is a Blog?

You hear people talking about it all the time and you’re actually reading one now, but have you ever wondered what is a blog? In very simple terms, a blog is a regularly updated personal journal that is intended for public viewing. The use of a blog is simply to chronicle or record anything that interests the blogger.

Or at least that’s what a blog used to be and some people still use a blog to record their thoughts or talk about a topic they are passionate about and share it with friends and family.

Others create a blog with the intent to make money from it. Most blogs of this type have a specific topic such as saving money or how to raise children or fashion.

A lot of companies that have websites also have a blog attached to it, so they can attract customers through content marketing.

I think the big question is that’s the difference between a website and a blog, and honestly, there isn’t really that much of a difference.

It’s just that a blog is updated often – daily, weekly or bi-weekly, while a website might not be updated until the company that owns the site decides to add a product or stop offering a product.

Most of the pages you see on a website are what is called static pages meaning they don’t change often while a blog can look different every time you visit if the home page is used to reflect the owner’s latest posts.

So, let’s look at blogs in a little more detail.

What is a Blog?

Before the term “blog” became popular, they were initially known as a “weblog.“ They were more like an online diary where people posted about their day-to-day activities. Now, blogging is the act of writing about a topic, an event, a situation, etc.

A blog is a basic, simple way to share information with clients or customers or readers. It’s your immediate correspondence channel. It is one of the best means of reaching your audience and even provide ready-made information for potential clients or readers.

That’s why relevant, good-quality information about your chosen subject is important if you want to have readers coming back to your blog regularly.

So, if you want to start a blog, then you have to work on the actual act of blogging. When it comes to what is a blog, the blog is like the framework of your house, blogging, or writing content is what fills in the rest. A blog post is used to provide information but also to collect email addresses or include affiliate marketing.

The lifeblood of blogging is the blog post. It is what keeps a blog functioning. Opening a blog and not engaging with the world by writing blog posts defeats the purpose of blogging.

What’s great is that you don’t have to be a web designer or professional graphics designer to create a blog. Many blogging platforms have sprung up in recent times that allow you to blog without any technical knowledge.

(If you’d like to start your own blog, check out my step-by-step guide on How to Start Blogging with Bluehost and WordPress.)

What is a Blog – Making Money

If you decide you want to blog for more than fun, there are many different ways to make money from blogging. Some of them you can start day one and others you can consider once you have some experience and readers under your belt.

Here is a great list. Personally, I currently make money by advertising and affiliate offers, but all of these are good options depending on the subject you are blogging about and where you are in your blogging journey.

  • Sell direct ad spaces to advertisers
  • Write and sell ebooks
  • Publish paid guest posts and reviews
  • Start offering a service
  • Join an advertising program e.g Adsense, Infolinks,
  • Start using affiliate programs
  • Start an online store on your blog

(You can learn more about How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners here.)

Whether you use your blog to share your thoughts or want to make a full-time income from it, blogging is a great way to connect with the world and be part of something that is bigger than yourself.

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