What are Creative, Fun Ways to Spend a Million Dollars?

what are creative, fun ways to spend a million dollars
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Wouldn’t it be fun to have a million dollars that you could spend any way you wanted to? Just imagine that you didn’t have to pay bills or save for retirement. Instead, you can just blow it all on whatever you want. So if you are wondering what are creative, fun ways to spend a million dollars, here are some ideas for you.

what are creative, fun ways to spend a million dollars

What are Creative, Fun Ways to Spend a Million Dollars

Let’s forget the practical and wise things you could do with a million dollars such as paying off your mortgage, buying real estate, paying your expenses, or saving for retirement. 

Instead, let’s have some fun and think about how we can spend a million dollars just to have a good time.

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1. Buy a Private Island

Amazingly enough, there are still private islands that you can buy. You’d think by now someone would own all of them, but they don’t.

Also, the ones that are currently owned do come up for sale from time to time.

As crazy as the world is right now, having your own little private piece of paradise doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

When you think of a private island the Figi Islands might come to mind or some other place in the South Pacific, but your million bucks aren’t going to get you an island in that area.

However, you should be able to find a small, undeveloped island in areas such as Belize, the Caribbean, and even off the Florida coast for $500,000 dollars.

You can take the rest of your million and use it to build a small cabin.

Check out this site for more options.

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2. Buy a Super Expensive Car 

If you’re not looking to get away from it all and everyone else on the planet, you could spend your money on a really…and I mean really expensive car.

Sure, you could buy twenty $50,000 dollar cars and hand them out like candy. 

That could be a lot of fun, but it might be more fun to buy one super expensive car for yourself.

There are several options here, but you might want to consider the McLaren Senna for a cool million or the Jaguar C-X75 Supercar which will set you back just over a million dollars.

Not to mention, this Jaguar is a hybrid, so it is also environmentally friendly.

But don’t think that means it doesn’t have any power.

It can go from 0 to 100 mph in under 6 seconds.

Either car will get you plenty of attention as you drive down the block.

Of course, once you blow all your money on the car, it might be tough to pay for insurance.

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3. Take a World Cruise

Now, this is something I wouldn’t mind doing. 

A world cruise is going to set you back about $200,000 dollars. So, you could actually take 5 world cruises which wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Of course, you could also take 4 family members or friends which might make the whole experience a lot more fun.

If you’ve never been out of America, this will certainly provide you with international travel chops.

Here’s one cruise line that offers luxury world cruises.

You can always take a world cruise for less. Here is a 180-day cruise for $34, 000 dollars not including all the extras and airfare. It also comes with an inside room with no view.

But if you’ve got a million dollars to spend why go with the less expensive option? 

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4. Go to Outer Space

Believe it or not, you can book a passage to take a trip to outer space.

So if you are a fan of science fiction and have always wanted to have the opportunity to go to outer space, here’s your chance.

Virgin Galactic is taking applications for seats on one of its flights.

The flights last 2 to 3 hours at an altitude of 62 miles.

This peek into space will cost you $250,000 dollars, so you can take a few friends with you.

There is also a three-day pre-flight preparation program that you will need to attend.

They have had three flights so far, so this isn’t a pipe dream.

You can really go to outer space.

As long as you have the cash…

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5. Buy a Yacht

Keep in mind that yachts can cost hundreds of millions of dollars, so your million dollars isn’t going to go too far, but you should still be able to get a nice boat for much less.

The only issues are the costs associated with owning this new yacht.

Things like maintenance, storage, marina fees, taxes, and so on. 

But let’s not worry about that for now.

Here’s a 128 foot 2015 Gulet Stern Gulet for $810,000 dollars and this is a 210 foot 2005 Guy Couach 195 Fly for $546,000 dollars. 

That one would even leave you enough money to get the boat from Spain back to where you currently live.

6. Buy a 1000 iPhones

I kind of like this idea. iPhones are so expensive nowadays, but everyone wants one, but not everyone can afford one.

You could give a lot of joy to a whole bunch of people by giving them a free phone.

Sure, start out with friends and family, but once you’ve given all of them free phones, then consider giving them to people in need.

You never know how your act of kindness can change someone’s life.

It will also make you feel good which is worth more than money.

what are some creative, fun ways to spend a million dollars
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7. Hand Out $100 Bills to Strangers

This is a similar idea of handing out free phones. 

If you really want to play Santa Claus then consider just giving strangers cash.

With a million dollars to hand out that is 10,000 people, you could give $100 dollars to.

Just think how leaving a $100 dollar tip might make some overworked waitress’s day. 

There are plenty of homeless people you might walk by especially if you live in a larger town.

Drop a hundred dollar bill in their cup and give them an opportunity to spend the night indoors.

You could also throw a couple of bills into a street performer’s jar as well.

Or, just hand them out to people walking by you on the street.

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8. Buy a Piece of Art

If you’re an art lover and would like an expensive piece of art now you have your chance. You can find that perfect painting to go in your bedroom or living room.

If you can’t find what you want here in the United States, you can charter a private jet and head on over to Europe or someplace such as Switzerland to find what you’re looking for.

The trip can add to the fun of buying the art.

Christie’s always have art auctions as well as private sales. 

You’ll find art available in the thousands of dollars all the way up to a million dollars and much…much more.

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9. Try Your Luck in Las Vegas 

A million dollars is great, but the truth is it isn’t as much as it used to be.

So, maybe you’d like to see it grow into something more.

Vegas is always waiting and open and they would be very happy to see you come and visit with your million dollars.

Go play the high-stakes games and live large while you are there. 

You’re sure to be comped well with that kind of cash. 

It could be a great trip and who knows maybe you will come home with even more money.

Of course, you could lose it all and that wouldn’t be much fun at all.

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10. Go on a Shopping Spree

If you love to shop, then now you have your chance. Go to New York and head to 5th Avenue.

You’ll find all the designer stores you love such as Gucci and Prada as well as Tiffany & Company.

Dig in and start shopping. It will be great fun, but you will soon discover just how easy and quickly you can spend a million bucks.

To Sum it All Up:

There are millions of fun and creative ways to spend a million dollars. From buying your own island to traveling to outer space and just going on a huge shopping spree the choice is yours. Enjoy!

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