The Cheapest Way to Live Alone (6 Surprising Options!)

cheapest way to live alone
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There’s no getting around the fact that living on your own is expensive. As they say, two can live as cheaply as one, and that’s pretty much true. But what if your single and you don’t want a roommate? What is the cheapest way to live alone? These tips will help make living alone more affordable.

The Cheapest Way to Live Alone

The good news is if you want to live alone and you want to do it cheaply, you have a few options. These include the following.

1. Be a House Sitter

This is something I’ve always wanted to do myself, but I’ve never been able to pull the trigger. There are many opportunities in the United States and throughout the world to house sit. 

Oftentimes, you will also need to watch a family pet as well.

Many of these opportunities last from two weeks to a few months. 

If you live in a large city, you might be able to stay there and house sit year-round. 

If not, you could use housesitting to see the world basically free except for the cost of getting from job to job.

It’s a great way to live if you’re single and want an adventure and want to live rent-free.

One place to check out house sitting jobs is

2. Live in an RV

It’s true that RVs are not cheap. However, if you can find an older, used one, they can be quite affordable.

The advantage of RV life is that you can stay in one place if you want, or you can, like with the housesitting, travel around the country. 

Not to mention, there are many free places you can park your RV for free. That will save you a ton of money on monthly expenses. 

If you’re not moving around a lot, the gas expense will be low as well.

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3. Living in a Van

This is somewhat like RV living, but it is a bit more basic.  There are people in the United States living in their vans. 

They usually do some customization to the van to make living in them more comfortable.

This certainly isn’t for everyone, but it is an option if you’re single and adventurous. 

It cuts out all of your expenses except gas for the van and food. 

You can go to Starbucks or a library if you need to use the internet. Your smartphone will take care of everything else tech-wise.  

It’s an interesting option.

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4. Rent a Guest House

Some nice homes come with a guest house. Oftentimes, these go unused. 

The owner will be happy to rent it out for a small amount of money to offset their other expenses.

If the estate is large enough, you might even have the opportunity to be a live-in caretaker. This way you won’t have to pay any rent.

You’ll have no living expenses and you might even get a small salary.

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5. Be a Live-In Property Manager

I have a friend that did this. He moved to Florida and needed an apartment. He found a job as an on-site property manager. 

He got a free apartment at a nice apartment complex right on a big lake. 

He did have to take care of small issues that came up at the complex. It didn’t take too much of his time as it was a small complex with about twelve apartments.

6. Rent a Room

While I know you want to live alone, if all else fails, you can rent a room in someone’s home.

In the perfect situation, your room will have its own bathroom and entrance to come in and out of the house.

Even if that isn’t the case, this option can make living on your own a really inexpensive way to live.

How to Afford Living Alone

It makes sense that where you live will be the major determining factor when it comes to finding the cheapest way to live alone.

Having said that, there are other things you can do to make living by yourself cheaper. Here are some of the best ones.

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1. Find a Move-in Special

Some apartment complexes will have move-in specials. What they offer will depend on the specific apartment complex.

You might receive a free month’s rent or a reduced rate for the first three months.

I took advantage of a special like this once. I got the first two months at half price.

This saved me one month’s rent for the first year. 

If you’re paying $650 or $1,000 dollars or more for rent, this is a big saving.

2. Ditch the Bedroom

It’s nice to have a lot of space and an extra room or two, but if you’re living alone, you don’t really need them.

Don’t be afraid to rent a studio. This can cut hundreds of dollars off of your rent each month.

In some cities, new apartment complexes come with a lot of extras. This can include gyms, rooftop lounges, and other perks. 

If you find an apartment complex that has nice common areas, then you really don’t need as much space in your apartment. 

Besides, if you have a lot of stuff that won’t fit into your apartment, it will give you the opportunity to sell it on eBay and make a few extra dollars.

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3. Save Money On Everyday Expenses

While this won’t have an impact on your rent, these tips will save you money on monthly expenses which in turn will make living alone cheaper.

  • Shop at the dollar store for cleaning/household supplies
  • Check out thrift stores for furniture and dishes
  • Don’t sign up for cable TV
  • Check Freecycle to find items you need for free
  • Cook at home
  • Don’t have a landline
  • Buy items you need in bulk

To Sum it All Up:

There are a number of ways you can live alone cheaply. From living in an RV to living in your van to renting a guest house to being a property manager and living for free, you can afford to live alone and not spend a lot of money. Not to mention, there are ways such as shopping at thrift stores for furniture and buying supplies at a dollar store to reduce your monthly expenses once you find your place to live.

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