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Should I Start a Blog as a Freelance Writer? (You might be surprised…)

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Should I start a blog as a freelance writer? That’s a great question. You’ll see a lot of people say you should, but honestly, it isn’t necessary and at least in the beginning, it may be a downright terrible idea.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start a Blog as a Freelancer

When you’re just starting out as a freelance writer, there are several reasons you shouldn’t start a blog.

1. You Don’t Have the Time

Creating, updating, and writing for a blog is extremely time-consuming. I spend hours each day – that’s six to seven days per week on this one. 

The only reason I do that is this is a niche blog that makes me money. I made money with ads and affiliate offers.

I don’t write this blog to attract clients. 

When you are just starting out freelancing, you need to spend all of your time finding clients. This means hours of marketing each and every day, at least five days per week.

That’s all that is important. If you don’t have clients then you don’t have a business. 

Writing content for a blog and then getting traffic to that blog can take months if not years.

Picking up the phone or emailing a prospective client can get you, clients, in just a few days. I got my first one doing that in one day and my second the next day.

I didn’t have a blog and in fact, I never had a blog for my freelance writing business.

I suppose it is possible for someone to see your blog and then turn around and hire you. It happens, but again, it will take months for you to get any traffic. 

Not to mention, to get that traffic you will need to know a whole lot about keyword research and other things to get any traffic at all.

Again, all you should be doing when you start out is marketing for clients and a blog is not a marketing tool you want to mess with.

Now, down the line, if you decide you have extra time and want to create a second income for yourself then niche sites are the way to go.

Also, keep this in mind. Almost 600,000 new websites and blogs are created each and every day. 600,000!

And there are currently about 2 billion websites with about 400,000,000 million that are currently active. 

It’s pretty easy to get lost in the crowd. 

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2. You Won’t Get Clients with a Blog

I just kind of talked about this, but the truth is, you won’t get clients with a blog. 

Now it’s true that down the road you might find a client here and there, but you won’t see a steady stream of clients rushing to your side because of all the wonderful things you have to say on your blog.

You need to be proactive and go out and find clients. You can’t wait for them to find you. If you do, you will be waiting a very long time.

Being proactive puts you in charge of your business and your income.

Stand out by contacting businesses that other freelance writers aren’t. Go where there is no competition. That’s how I got all of my clients and it is easy to do.

They weren’t looking for me. I went out and found them, and you can do that as well.

There are 32.5 million businesses in the United States. They all need content of one kind or another. 

Go find them…

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3. You Might Burn Yourself Out

Think about it. Once you get going and have a few clients, you will be writing a lot. 

You will still need to market yourself which takes a lot of your time as well.

If you have a blog, you will feel the need to update it on a regular basis. Let’s face it, Google likes to see new content often if you want to rank well.

Not only do they want to see it often, but they also want to see consistent updates.

So, after a long day of writing and marketing, do you really then want to spend your evenings or weekends writing even more?

It can get to the point that writing takes over your life so you no longer have time to enjoy yourself or spend time with friends and family.

You need to make sure you have a work/life balance that works for you. One of the reasons to be a freelance writer is to work for yourself, so you can work on your own terms.

The problem is that it is super easy to let work take over your life when you work for yourself from home. 

Unlike a 9 to 5 job, you can’t leave work. It is always there with you and there is always something that needs to be done. 

The last thing you need is to create more work for yourself. I could if I allowed myself, work on this website 40 or 50 or more hours a week. 

Make life easier for yourself. Don’t have a blog when you start freelance writing. 

It won’t get you clients but it will suck away your time and energy.

Related Questions:

Is it Worth it To Write a Blog?

No, it really isn’t. You don’t need one as a freelance writer and it really won’t get you anywhere when it comes to finding clients. A blog can be great later on if you want to build up a niche site for an additional income stream, but if you are only freelance writing, don’t spend your time on activities that won’t get you anywhere.

What to Do Instead of Blogging?

Instead of blogging, you should spend your time marketing to find clients. For me, that means emailing and phoning companies directly to see if they use freelance writers. I feel this is the best way to find high-paying clients.

For someone else, that might mean sending proposals for writing assignments on Upwork. For others, it might mean using social media such as LinkedIn to find work.

Regardless of how you find it, blogging is not the best use of your time.

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To Sum it All Up:

Blogging or having a niche site is a great way to make money, but it is also a full-time job. If you are just starting out as a freelance writer you don’t have the time to create, update, and maintain a blog. Besides, it won’t get you clients and you should be spending your precious time marketing for clients.

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