In a perfect world, you will be debt free and have a top credit score. It’s a shame we don’t live in a perfect world. Things happen and debts pile up despite our best efforts sometimes. That’s why I thought I’d add this section to my site.

Certainly, I always look for ways to save money and pay off debt, but you also need to understand your credit score and ways to deal with the debt you have or how to get a loan if you need one.

From debt consolidation to car loans and mortgages, this section will help you find what you need and make sure you get the best deal possible. It will also talk about credit scores and how to improve your credit score, and how the smallest of actions on your part can increase or decrease your credit score.

The bottom line is this. Debt, loans and credit scores are all connected. If you want to get rid of one, get the best deal on the other, and increase the last one, you need to understand all of them and how they work with or against each other.

I hope to help you do just that here.

Loans, Debt Consolidation, and Credit Score articles can be found here:


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