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Is Freelance Writing a Smart Choice? (Yes…and No…)

is freelance writing a smart choice
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If you’re looking to create some extra income or even replace your full-time income, you might be wondering is freelance writing a smart choice for you to meet your goals? Well, it might be, but it might not be a good fit for you. It all depends on a few factors.

Exactly What is Freelance Writing?

Before we get into whether or not freelance writing is a smart choice, let’s make sure we know exactly what it is and that we’re talking about the same thing.

Freelance writing put simply, is when you write for people who have blogs or business owners who need copy for their websites, email newsletters, case studies, or white papers.

Your client will tell you what they need and may give you writing guidelines and keywords. Sometimes they give you very little to go on and sometimes it can be very detailed.

Once you receive the writing assignment, you will read whatever information your client gave you, then do the needed research, then write the article or case study or whatever it may be.

Then you proofread your work and once it is in good shape, you send it to your client. Depending on what the client thinks of it, you may need to do a revision. And that’s it. Then you get paid.

Here are the steps:

  1. Find a client
  2. Receive a writing assignment and possibly a writing guide
  3. You do research for the writing assignment
  4. You write it
  5. You proofread it
  6. You submit it
  7. You do a revision if necessary
  8. You get paid!

That’s basically it. Although you don’t want to be doing a lot of revisions. If you are, then you aren’t following the assignment closely enough or your writing or grammar needs work.

Now that we know we’re on the same page, let’s get to why freelance writing is a smart choice.

5 Reasons Why Freelance Writing is a Smart Choice 

There are a number of reasons that freelance writing is a great field to get into. Here are some of the top reasons.

1. You Can Make As Much Money as You Want

One of the great things about freelance writing is you get to decide how much money you make. You can determine how much per hour you want or how much you want to make per month or year.

The sky is truly the limit. 

While it is true you won’t be making a 6-figure income in a couple of months. You can go from zero to $3,000 or even $5,000 in just a few months. It all depends on how hard you are willing to work and how much marketing for clients you are willing to do.

In the end, if you do work hard and go after the right kind of writing assignments and clients, you can end up making 6-figures.

Just think about that. You can make that kind of money from home. Not too many people can say that.

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2. You Can Write From Anywhere

You always see those advertisements about the writer’s lifestyle with people sitting on the beach writing.

It looks like a come-on, but it really isn’t.

It’s true that I do most of my writing from home, but there have been times that I went to Florida and even London and worked from there.

I’d write in the mornings and then have the rest of the day and evening to do what I wanted.

All you need is your laptop and an internet connection and you’re in business. 

There are plenty of people out there that travel the world and use freelance writing as their means of support.

In all the years that I have freelanced, I rarely have spoken to most of my clients. We tend to communicate through email. Of course, there are online ways to have a conversation as well if you need to do so.

In my opinion, this is the top reason why freelance writing is a great choice. The freedom it gives you is everything.

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3. There’s No Big Investment

When you think about starting a new business, most of them take 10’s of thousands of dollars to get them off the ground.

Even if you decide to sell stuff on eBay or Amazon, you still have to have the money to buy inventory or supplies to create your inventory. You also need shipping supplies, stamps, and money to cover online fees.

The point is, there are very few businesses you can start with little to no money and start making money right away and be at a full-time income in a few short months.

Freelance writing gives you all of that.

When I started, I put up a 4-page website. It cost me $10 for the domain name and about $5 a month for hosting. That was it and I was in business in one day.

Honestly, you don’t really even need to website. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and a phone. There’s a good chance you already have all three of those.

4. There Are No Educational Requirements

Remember, when you are a freelance writer, you are a business owner. You’re not an employee. That means your educational background is no one’s business but your own.

You’re offering a service – your writing – and that’s it. 

No one cares, nor do they need to know if you went to college or even finished high school.

All your prospective clients care about is whether or not you write well and if you meet deadlines.

The first one you can handle with a couple of writing samples. The second one they will learn after you get your first writing assignment.

The other great thing is that if your grammar or writing skills aren’t quite where they should be, you can take a couple of writing or grammar classes to help you improve. 

Writing is a craft. It can be learned by anyone.

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5. No Experience Necessary

I know it is kind of scary when you’re starting out and you don’t have any clients and no experience.

You feel like there is a big red sign over your head pointing down at you and flashing – “This person doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing.”

I get it. I was there once.

Again, it doesn’t really matter. No one will ask you who you currently write for or who you have written for in the past. 

That’s not what they are worried about. They want to know if you can write well and will meet your deadlines.

That’s odd…where did I hear that before?

Oh, that’s right. I just said it.

But it’s the truth. I’ve never had a client ask me who else I have written for and if they did, I wouldn’t tell them.

It is none of their business and keeping my client’s information private is important to me and them.

I have even had a few non-disclosure forms with clients, so I wouldn’t have been able to mention them even if I wanted to.

Again, none of this matters. That’s what makes freelance writing so great. You only have to prove yourself through your writing.

2 Reasons Why Freelance Writing Might Be a Bad Choice For You

While I think freelance writing is a super smart choice, there are reasons it might be the wrong choice for you.

1. It Can Be Time Intensive

While the day may come that you can write part-time and make a full-time living when you start out you will be working a lot of hours.

You might not have a lot of clients at first, but you will need to spend a great deal of time marketing for clients. 

Regardless of how you do this, it is time-consuming. 

Once you start getting clients, you will then be writing a lot. That takes a lot of time as well.

Of course, you will also need to continue marketing. 

At first, you might market 80 percent of your time and write 20 percent, which will change over time, but you will always need to be doing these two things if you want to be successful.

The point is, when you start out, expect to work this as a full-time job and even longer hours.

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2. It’s Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

We would all like to become millionaires overnight. Unfortunately, that typically doesn’t happen unless you have a rich relative that passes away and leaves you a fortune.

For the rest of us, we have to work at it and work hard.

While freelance writing is a great way to earn a living, it does take some time to build up your client list – not as much time as you think – but it does take a little time and effort.

And even when you do, you won’t become rich, at least not overnight.

So, know upfront, you will have to put the work in to be successful. If you’re looking for something easy that is not time-consuming then this isn’t it.

Related Questions:

Is Being a Freelance Writer Worth It?

It sure is if you like to write. If writing is something you enjoy doing, then there is nothing better in the world than being able to make good money, from home, doing something you love.

Can You Make a Living Off of Freelance Writing?

Yes, you can. Depending on the type of writing you do, how hard you market for clients, and how much you work, you can make a couple of thousand of dollars per month and up to 5 figures a month or a lot more.

Freelance writing can be very lucrative. There are even freelance writers that make 7-figures a year. Most of those, however, write sales letters.

To Sum it All Up:

If you like writing, are pretty good at it, and don’t mind marketing for clients then freelance writing is a smart choice. You can work from anywhere and set your own hours. It’s a great way to make a great living without a boss and the 9 to 5 grind.

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