How to Save Money Every Month – Just 1 of These 5 Tips Will Save You $100 Bucks Each Month

Have you been wondering how to save money every month? Well, I always say there are two ways to have extra money. You can either make more or spend less. You don’t always have control over how much you make, but you can control your spending.

These tips will help you save $100 a month. An extra $100 bucks a month may not sound like much, but that’s $1,200 a year, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

So with no further ado here are 5 ways you can save $100 bucks starting this month.

(You can read how I got myself drowning in debt here and how I got out of it here and here.)

5 How to Save Money Every Month Tips

1. Cut the cable – I know you’ve heard it before, but if you haven’t cut the cable yet, you should do so now. In today’s world, there are simply too many viewing options to pay for expensive cable or direct TV

Think about it. Chances are your cable bill is at least $120 and most likely more. Think about ditching it and signing up for Netflix. For $8 dollars a month, you can get plenty of viewing pleasure.

Just so you know, I haven’t had cable for 7 years now! Netflix and Amazon Prime are my go-to entertainment.

2. Say goodbye to Starbucks – Nobody likes Starbucks more than I do. I could go there every day. Heck, I could go there twice a day, but let’s face it, folks, Starbucks ain’t cheap.

If you’re going there four times a week, and why wouldn’t you be…that almost $6 dollar cup of Joe is adding up to about $100 bucks a month. If you’re going even more often, then you’re spending even more.

a coffee machine making a cup of coffee

Now…I’m not saying you should never go. I mean life needs a little flavor, but try cutting it down to once or twice a week at most, and you’ll see your bank account grow.

Depending on what you’re ordering at Starbucks, it might help your waistline as well.

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3. Sayonara Soda – Around here, we call it Pop, but whatever you call it if you drink a lot of soda pop…Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, or what have you, the cost adds up quickly.

Now…if we can be personal here for a second…I will admit that I was addicted to Diet Coke.

It’s true. I drank it from the time I got up in the morning until the time I went to bed.

I finally kicked the habit and both my wallet and health have been thanking me.

I know how much I was spending, so if you drink a lot of pop, or if your family does, this is one habit you should be kicking to the curb. It’s also an easy way to save $100 bucks a month or more.

(FYI – I now drink water or ice tea. Water is free and tea is a whole lot cheaper, and I don’t even miss the pop.)

4. Stop smoking – I hope you aren’t smoking, to begin with…no judgment here peeps, but it is so bad for your health. It’s also terrible on your pocketbook.

I’ve never been a smoker as I have mild asthma, but I do notice the prices of cigarettes when I go into the gas station to pay for gas.

Just let me say…Yikes!

$6 or $7 dollars for a pack of cigarettes? Man-oh-man that’s expensive! Just think even if you only smoke 3.5 packs a week, that’s $100 dollars for a month, and I know there are smokers that could smoke that in a day.

Anyway, the bottom line here is that even though it is difficult to quit smoking, there is help out there. It may not be cheap, but it is certainly less than what you’re spending now.

Seriously…if you smoke…do yourself the biggest favor in the world, and stop.

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close up of a red martini5. Adult Beverages – Okay…okay…you’re going to think I’m trying to take all of the fun out of life, but I’m not suggesting you stop drinking completely.

If you do like going out for a cocktail from time to time, you should just find ways to do so that will save you money.

In college, when my best friend and I were going out on a Friday or Saturday night, we would have something to drink before we went out.

That way, we didn’t have to spend a bunch of money once we were at the bar.

The same holds true for today. If you enjoy going out with friends, you should consider hosting your friends at your home for cocktails before you go out to dinner.

Then the next time someone else in the group can do the same.

If you tend to go out every weekend, this can save you a great deal of money.

If you just feel you have to drink at the bar, then try to go during happy hour. You will usually find drink specials and sometimes even some free food.

Both will help you save a quick and easy $100 bucks a month.

In the end, with a little planning beforehand, you can save a hundred dollars a month without too much trouble even if your income is in the lower range. So, when you’re wondering how to save money every month, start with these five ways to save money, and then add your own.

Who knows, you may end up saving even more!

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