How to Afford to Move When Living Month-to-Month

how to afford to move when living month-to-month
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I’ve moved many…many times in my life. My parents were one to move around a lot too, so I guess I came by the moving bug honestly. Even so, moving isn’t cheap and if you don’t have a lot of money, it can be difficult to make a move. If you don’t have much money, you may be wondering how to afford to move when living month-to-month? Here are some tips to help you find a way.

how to afford to move when living month-to-month

How to Afford to Move When Living Month-to-Month

There are several expenses you will have to deal with when moving. Even so, there are ways to get around a lot of the cost. 

1. Renting a Moving Truck

If you are moving from one part of a city to another part, do everything you can to avoid renting a moving truck.

Most of the time, you don’t really need one.

When I moved from my last apartment to my new home, I packed everything I could into my car.

I do have an SUV, so that helps as there is a lot of space in the back.

I had to make a bunch of trips and it wasn’t any fun, but it was free.

I was able to move everything myself, including chairs and tables, except for my bed and sofa.

I do live in the country, so everyone I know has a truck. 

I always hate to ask for help, but I did so this time.

I had a friend that has a truck, so I asked him and another friend if they would move my bed and sofa for me. 

I’m sure they weren’t thrilled.

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I mean who is ever thrilled to move furniture, but they did so.

I wanted the items moved on the 22nd of the month, but they were free on the 15th, so I went with it.

That meant I slept in my new house without any cable or internet for a week – yikes! – but I survived.

The point is, I was able to move all of my stuff for free.

This should be your first option if you don’t have a lot of money and are living month-to-month.

It’s no fun to make a dozen or more trips, but it is certainly doable.

Chances are you also know someone who owns a truck or know someone who knows someone that has a truck.

Go ahead and ask for help. 

If you are moving out of the city and say a few states away, then you will need to downsize if you want to move cheaply.

I once moved from Ohio to Arizona with only what I could fit in my car. 

When I moved from South Carolina to Illinois, instead of renting a UHaul truck that costs hundreds of dollars, I rented a UHaul trailer that I pulled with my car.

It was only $53 dollars for 4 days.

I got rid of everything I couldn’t fit in my car and the trailer. 

It’s the only way to move cheaply out of state.

Yes, you may have to buy some furniture when you get to your new location, but that’s what thrift stores and consignment shops are for.

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2. Look for Move-In Offers

Another big expense is the security deposit, and first and last month’s rent when you move into a new apartment complex or rent a house.

One way to get around this major expense is to keep a lookout for move-in specials. 

Some apartment complexes will offer a deal that allows you to move in for zero dollars and get a discounted rate on your first couple of month’s rent or even a free month’s rent.

This will allow you to move in for very little money or no money and it will reduce your overall monthly rent for the first year you are living in the apartment.

Chances are you can find a deal like this in your current neighborhood or a new neighborhood that you might be moving to.

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3. Check Out Craigslist

If you really need to move and the moving part is more important than where you are moving, be sure to check out the ads on Craigslist. 

There are always people there offering different types of living situations. You might find one that is right for you.

For example, someone might need a long-term house sitter or an adult to live on their property for free to keep an eye on things.

It’s also a place to find a roommate. Having a roommate will also help you cut down on your living expenses and your monthly utility bills.

That will free up some of your monthly income, so finances won’t be quite so tight for you.

Just be careful and keep your safety in mind, before meeting someone or going to their home.

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4. Consider Moving to a Small Town

Small towns are always cheaper to live in than large cities such as Boston or Manhattan or even San Francisco.

You’ll find a cheaper place to live and your cost of living will be much lower. 

Your zip code can make or break your budget and affect the quality of your life. 

Living somewhere where the cost of living is cheaper will help you reduce your monthly expenses and your take-home pay will go much further. 

Although, you want your new town to be large enough to have some form of public transportation such as a bus or subway. 

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5. Ask for a Discount

Depending on where you are moving to, you should consider asking your landlord for a discount. 

You might be surprised by what they say.

If they really need a new tenant, they might be willing to come down on the monthly rent price by $25 to $50 dollars.

My last landlord wanted $600 dollars a month for rent. I was able to talk him down to $550 a month.

While a $50 dollar payment difference might not seem like a lot, it does add up to $600 dollar per year. 

So, don’t be afraid to see if your prospective landlord will reduce their monthly payment and take a cut in rent.

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6. Downsize Your Space

Another way to make moving a little more affordable is to move to a smaller apartment.

If you have a two-bedroom apartment now, consider moving to a one-bedroom apartment or even a studio.

Chances are you don’t need as much space as you are using right now.

And a smaller apartment will save you money each month on rent as well as reduce the amount you have to spend upfront to rent the apartment.

If you can reduce your living space and with that your monthly rent, then you can reduce your overall cost of living.

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7. Find a Way to Make Extra Money

If you are living month-to-month without any extra to set aside for moving expenses, then you might need to find a way to make extra money.

There are a lot of side gigs that you can do in your own time that will bring in extra cash.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Selling stuff you own or can buy at thrift stores on eBay
  • Freelance writing
  • Selling used books on Amazon
  • Selling postcards on eBay
  • Selling pictures from old books on eBay and Etsy
  • Make something to sell on Etsy

There are many ways to bring in extra cash. Just be sure you set the money aside in your moving fund instead of spending it on less important items.

how to afford to move when living month-to-month
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8. Get a Roommate

I mentioned roommates before, but having one is one of the best ways to make moving when you don’t have any money easier.

Lots of times, you won’t need a deposit or last month’s rent.

Once moved in, your rent will be less and you will have to pay half the utility bills.

This will free up a lot of money so you can pay off debts such as a student loan or personal loan or even credit cards.

Not to mention, because the price of your apartment will be cut in half, and you will be living with another adult, you can live in a nicer neighborhood than you could afford on your own.

You’ll have a lot more left of your take-home pay each month to put into savings or to pay off debt or even just to take a nice vacation.

To Sum it All Up:

Moving is really expensive, and if you are living month-to-month it can seem impossible, but it’s not. By moving yourself instead of renting a truck or finding a move-in special or even getting a roommate, you can make moving much more affordable than you ever thought possible.

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