How to Afford Nice Clothes (**9 Super Simple Ways!**)

how to afford nice clothing
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You want to look nice and wear stylish clothes. Who doesn’t? But you can’t afford the price tags that come with designer labels and other nice clothing. That doesn’t change the fact that you want to look your best, so maybe you’ve been wondering how to afford nice clothes without breaking the bank. Here are some ways to do just that.

how to afford nice clothing

How to Afford Nice Clothes

Just because you don’t have a lot of money in the bank doesn’t mean you don’t want nice things or to look your best.

Yes, it does become a bit more difficult, but you can be a fashionista on a small budget. 

Here are some great ways to get started.

1. Shop Used Online

From eBay to Poshmark to TheRealReal, there are many places online that you can find designer clothes that have been slightly used for reasonable prices.

You’d be surprised at the high-end goods that can be found. 

From boots to dresses to high-end designer bags, there is something for everyone. 

You will just want to be careful that you aren’t buying knockoffs. Most online shops do their due diligence to ensure you are getting the real thing, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Also, eBay will let you return anything that isn’t genuine.

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While it is nice to buy something new, a designer outfit is kind of like a car. It loses value as soon as it is sold and taken out of the store or the dealership.

Let someone else pay retail and then you can enjoy the piece at a substantial discount. 

No one will ever know the difference and your bank account will thank you.

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2. The Thrift Store Hunt

One of my favorite places to find nice designer clothes is a thrift store. I know they can be filled with kind of nasty and dirty junk, but they also hide some pretty nice treasures as well.

I’ve found designer clothes at thrift stores and paid a few dollars for items that are worth hundreds of dollars. 

Many thrift stores don’t know what they have, so you can pick up nice clothing for a steal.

An item that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars at the retailers, can be picked up for $4 or $5 dollars at thrift shops.

Of course, it helps if you can find a thrift store in a high-end housing area.

For example, I used to live in Tempe, Arizona. I would go to the Goodwill in Scottsdale and find all sorts of goodies.

I once found a jacket and skirt that sold retail for $600 dollars and I paid $6 dollars for it. It also looked brand new as if no one had ever worn it.

Not to mention, I’ve also found brand new, with tags, designer items at thrift stores as well.

It is true that it can be hit and miss when looking for designer brands at thrift stores. You will have to go on a regular basis, and in a nicer area, and have a little patience, to find items, but it is certainly worth the hunt.

3. Budget for Them

Budgeting seems like such a downer, but it actually helps you afford expensive clothing. 

If you set up a budget, you can see where your money is going and cut out unnecessary expenses.

Also, you can make clothing one of your budget items, so you can determine how much of your monthly income you want to go towards designer items once you have your bills covered.

Trust me, it will give you a sense of calm knowing that you can spend money on designer items without guilt and that you will have money set aside for just that. A clothing budget will give you that peace of mind.

A budget isn’t meant to keep you from enjoying your life. In fact, it does just the opposite. It gives you control over your money so you can spend it in the way you want while you still have all of your expenses covered.

It will also allow you to cut all of the wasteful spending you might be doing right now without even realizing it. 

I know that I used to go to Starbucks every day for a cup of coffee that cost me almost $6 dollars.

While that doesn’t sound like a lot of money, if I went every day for a year, I would have spent $2,190 dollars at Starbucks.

I could buy one or two high-end pieces for that amount of money especially if I found them used or a bunch of really nice clothing that didn’t come with designer labels.

Chances are you are spending money you don’t even realize as well. Track your daily spending and you might be surprised at what you discover.

Having a budget will also keep you from maxing out your credit card when you see a new piece you feel you must have.

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4. Sell Items You Don’t Use

Let’s face it everyone buys something thing think they will love and then once they get it home, they realize it is a dud.

Or maybe you have an item in your closet that you have just gotten tired of.

If that’s the case, consider selling them online at the same place you might have bought them.

eBay, Poshmark, TheRealReal are all great places to sell your used designer items. 

You can use that money to buy something new for yourself.

It’s a good way to offset some of the cost of any expensive items you might buy.

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5. Start a Side Hustle

If you’re just desperate for new clothing or super expensive items, then consider starting a side hustle to finance your purchases from your favorite designers.

You can sell on eBay items you don’t use, including clothing, or items you find while you’re at the thrift store looking for clothing.

You can sell used books or other items on Amazon.

You can even freelance on the side or start a niche site like this one for extra money.

If your day job is covering all of your financial needs, then you can spend this extra money however you want guilt-free. 

With a side gig, you can also work as much or as little as you want without having to make a career out of it.

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6. Watch and Wait for Sales

One lesson you should take to heart if you don’t listen to any other is that you should never, ever pay full price. 

There is simply no reason to. 

Even a designer piece will go on sale at some point. Gucci even has sales when seasons change. 

Don’t buy on impulse. Have a plan and wait a little while to get new items at a reduced price. This is one way to afford designer clothing.

7. Buy Quality

If you’re on a limited budget it may be difficult for you to buy all that you want even if you follow some of these tips.

So, focus on quality.

That’s what you should do anyway.

You want pieces that you can use for years.

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on some trendy piece that will be out of date six months from now.

Trends change from moment to moment, so don’t fall into the trap of following them.

Stick with a handful of simple pieces that you can wear time and again. 

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8. Trade-Off with Friends

If you have friends that also enjoy expensive clothing, then consider having a trading party where everyone brings items they no longer want.

You can then trade designer items.

It will help everyone’s budget go a little further and it is an easy and free way to freshen up your wardrobe with great pieces without spending any money.

If you all have the same tastes even better.

9. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is a wonderful place to get items on sale. You will find it all from coats to pants to designer shoes and other classic pieces that you can use for years without spending a bunch of money.

Depending on the time of year Nordstrom Rack will offer a steep discount on items that you’ll love.

For me, I’m a big fan of designer handbags and this is one place I always look for them.

To Sum it All Up:

It can be difficult to afford that dream wardrobe, but if you think out of the box you’ll find ways to do so. Buy used online or offline at a thrift store, trade-off with friends, or head over to Nordstrom Rack. Be a little creative and only shop for items you can use year after year, and you’ll get the wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of.

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