How to Afford Expensive Watches (**7 Super Simple Ways!**)

how to afford expensive watches
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If you’re a fan of watches and especially expensive watches like I am, you may have wondered how to afford expensive watches. If you’re on a tight budget or don’t have a lot of money it may seem impossible, but there is hope. Here are several ways to help you get the watch you want.

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How to Afford Expensive Watches

There are many ways to help you find expensive watches at a price point you can afford even if you’re on a tight budget. 

Here are the top seven.

1. eBay

If you’re not on eBay much you might be surprised by what you can find there. Luxury watches are common as well as Rolexes and inexpensive watches.

Yes, these watches are used, but if their previous owners have taken good care of them, no one will know the difference.

For example, a number of years ago I was in Las Vegas with a friend.

I had some luck at the tables, so instead of continuing to play and give all my money back to the casino, I went on a little shopping spree.

One of the things I bought was a Gucci watch. 

It was beautiful with a mother-of-pearl watch face and little diamonds at each of the numbers.

I wore it for a few years, but then I got tired of it, so I decided to sell it on eBay.

It still looked new, and the person that purchased it got a quality watch for a great price.

There are hundreds of pre-owned watched selling on eBay for 50 or even 80 percent off original retail.

The point is, if you really want a nice watch but don’t have the budget for it, pre-owned watches are the way to go, and eBay is a great place to find one.

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2. Estate Sales

Estate sales are a bit different than garage or yard sales.

When someone has a garage or yard sale they most likely just want to get rid of a bunch of junk they currently have.

Sure, some of that junk might have some value, but it’s not like they are going to be selling the family Rolexes for 25 cents.

Estate sales are different.

With an estate sale either the person has died, or in the case of a living estate sale, they have downsides into assisted living or a nursing home.

These are the sales you want to check out.

Family members are in a hurry to get rid of all of their relative’s stuff. Most often they don’t know the value of what they are selling.

Even if they do, they are so motivated to sell that they will give you a fantastic deal.

Yes, you may have to go to a bunch of estate sales to find a quality watch, but trust me they are out there.

Heck, some people make a living going to estate sales buying up all that stuff that the people are practically giving away, and then turning around and selling it for good money.

There’s no reason you couldn’t do the same or at the very least score a luxury watch for a few dollars.

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3. Pawn Shops

You might be surprised to hear it but even rich people have money troubles.

You might be shocked at how many of them turn to pawn shops when they have cash flow issues.

Some of what they pawn they never come back for. 

That means it is now for sale. 

You can find some fabulous watches at pawn shops. You can also find vintage watches as well and some of those are the most beautiful watches you will ever see.

You may have to go to several pawn shops or stop in more than once to find what you’re looking for, but once you do, you should find a great deal.

Be sure to try and negotiate with the pawnshop owner.

They expect it and you can get an even better deal.

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4. Crowd Sourcing

People use crowdsourcing for all sorts of things nowadays.

From college tuition to medical expenses, to pay the rent, you see all sorts of reasons people are asking friends, family, and strangers to chip in and give them some money.

It’s true that buying a watch may not be on the top of some people’s list to give someone money, but you could be surprised by who throws you a few bucks.

5. Cut Other Expenses

If an expensive watch is your priority then you should consider cutting back in other areas of your life.

Sure, cutting other expenses is never fun, but once you have the watch, you can go back to your old lifestyle.

Put your priorities over all the little extras like eating lunch and dinner out or stopping by Starbucks for coffee.

You can save a lot of money this way, and before you know it, you could have that new watch.

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6. Bring in Extra Money

You can also bring in extra money.

A side gig will allow you to make a few extra hundred dollars or even thousands of extra dollars per month.

From freelancing to selling items on eBay or Amazon, there are many easy ways to make extra cash.

Set that cash aside and when you have enough, go out and buy that watch new or used.

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7. Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a lot like pawn shops in that what you find there is hit or miss.

The difference is if you do find what you’re looking for, it will be much cheaper than at a pawn shop.

The good folks who work at thrift stores typically don’t know enough about watches to know an expensive watch for a cheap one or knockoff Rolexes over real Rolexes. 

You can take advantage of that lack of knowledge and pick up an expensive watch for $4 or $5 dollars. 

Yes, you will have to haunt the thrift stores often to find what you’re looking for, but it is out there.

To Sum it All Up:

There are many ways to make expensive watches more affordable. From buying used on eBay, going to a pawn shop or thrift store to crowdsourcing, if you take the time you can find the watch you want without breaking the bank.

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