How Can Freelance Writers Write Amazing Web Content

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If you’re a freelance writer or thinking of becoming one, you want to be sure you’re writing the best possible content for your clients. But how can freelance writers write amazing web content? Here are some best practices for you to consider.

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How Can Freelance Writers Write Amazing Web Content

Web content is the flagship of any successful digital campaign.

It is the voice of your client’s brand and should be designed to speak directly to their audience.

Well-crafted web pages or blog posts speak to a unique point of view and can serve as an effective lead-generator or lead-nurturer for their company.

So, before you start to get freelance writing jobs, make sure you are following all of these tips to write well for your client and have a successful freelance writing business.

1. Make it Easy to Read

People want information quickly.

They don’t want to read a long, complicated, wordy document.

If your content is difficult for the reader to understand, they will leave the page and move on to something else.

Simple is always better.

2. Use Social Media to Share Your Content

The vast majority of web users are connected in some way with social media or blogging networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest are a few examples of very popular networks that can be used effectively by companies of all sizes to share good web content with their audiences.

In other words, be sure that the writing you create will translate well on social media. 

It needs to grab readers that are quickly scrolling through titles and posts.

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3. Update Your Content Regularly

The web is a dynamic, moving target.

If you don’t update your content regularly, and frequently, users will lose interest.

Make sure that your web content is always current and relevant.

See if you can create an arrangement with your clients that you refresh your writing from time to time. 

Of course, you will want to be paid for this.

It is an easy way to get repeat business, and it is a win for the client as well.

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4. Design for Mobile Devices

Mobile technology use is growing steadily worldwide.

As mobile devices become more popular, so does the use of social networks on these devices: the number of mobile users connected in some way to social networks is growing by leaps and bounds.

Freelance writers must design their web content to be readable on mobile devices if they are to remain competitive in their market space.

For example, on this website, I used to put images on the page with text wrapped around it.

Now that people read web content on their phones more than they do on laptops, I put the pictures in the middle of the page.

It is easier for the mobile user to see and read.

5. Don’t Use a Lot of Jargon

Jargon is the language of industry insiders.

If you and your audience use the same set of corporate buzzwords, then your content will be a success.

Otherwise, it’s best to avoid jargon when possible and write about things using plain language, or at least ‘dumb down’ your content if necessary to make it more easily readable for non-industry users.

You may remember being told in your high school or college English class to not write as you speak.

I used to teach college English and I told my students this all the time.

The reason for it is most people do not speak grammatically correctly.

When we speak we tend to switch from first person (I) to second person (You) all the time.

When you’re writing a college paper that is a problem.

However, when you are writing for the web, you do want to write as you speak.

I don’t mean you want to have a bunch of grammar errors.

What I mean is you want to write in a conversational manner as if you are speaking to one person.

When I sit down to write I try to picture the person I’m writing for and write as if I am talking to them directly.

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6. Explain Key Terms

If you have a lot of technical terms in your industry, define them in layman’s terms within the body of your content.

You want to make sure everyone understands what you’re talking about.

Of course, if you are writing for a technical journal that would be different.

7. Do Your Research

If the content on your website is to be truly useful and relevant, then it must be based on fact and real-world experience somewhere along the line.

Take the time to research your topic carefully before you begin writing in order to make sure that you are speaking from a place of detailed, accurate knowledge.

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8. Provide Valuable Information

Think about search intent before you start writing.

What is the question your reader is asking?

Be sure to answer it.

Don’t add a lot of fluff just to increase your word count. 

9. Divide Your Content Into Digestible Pieces

Large blocks of information on your blog posts are not always optimal.

If you break your content into smaller, more palatable bits, it will be easier for users to digest and take in the information.

Use lots of headers like I have in this post. One H1, then H2’s, and as many H3s that make sense.

Be sure there is a lot of white space and keep your paragraphs to a couple of sentences as most.

10. Keep It Short

As mentioned earlier, people don’t have time to read long documents.

Break up your content into bite-sized morsels that can be easily digested by readers who may only have a few minutes to spare as they move through their day.

Use bullet points when they make sense.

People like to skim blog posts. Bullet points and headings allow them to do so.

Even so, be sure to include all the necessary information to cover the topic completely. Just don’t add any fluff.

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11. Use Humor

Not all the time, but it’s nice to use once in a while to break up the seriousness of your writing.

Insert your personality if it makes sense.

Of course, if your client’s business has a more serious tone, such as medicine or accounting, then use that instead.

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12. Add Images

Pictures make your writing more interesting.

You can use video too.

It also makes the physical space the article takes up longer and that means the reader will spend more time on the page.

If your client is adding ads to their website, images will create more space for those ads.

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13. Take Your Time

Don’t wait until the last minute to write your piece. 

Get a first draft done and then let it sit for a couple of days before you go back to it.

Your clients will get a better piece of writing if you do.

You’ll also be able to catch more errors and polish your writing.

14. Put the Most Important Information Upfront

Use the inverted pyramid writing style for articles – write the most important information first in the lead, then in descending order of importance as you move throughout your piece.

Don’t make the reader have to wade through a ton of writing to get to the information that they clicked on the link to find.

Answer their question upfront and then move on to less important information.

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To Sum it All Up:

When you’re writing web content keep the reader in mind at all times. Make what you write easy to read and stick to the point. Avoid fluff and jargon. Your client will be happier with your writing and it will be more effective and rank better if you follow these tips.

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