How Can a Freelance Writer Increase Their Income

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If you’ve been freelance writing for a while and not making the money you’d like you might be asking yourself how can a freelance writer increase their income. There are four ways to do just that without adding to your workload.

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How Can a Freelance Writer Increase Their Income

As a freelance writer, you’re already busy, so the last thing you want to do is to add more work.

Instead, it makes more sense to earn more for the work you are already doing.

Here are the top four ways to do just that.

1. Let Go of Your Lower Paying Clients

If you are writing for content mills you will never have the income you want and deserve. You have very little control over your rates.

Chances are, you are getting pennies for your writing and after a while, that’s just demoralizing.

It will wear you down to the point you will give up writing altogether.

If that sounds like you, then you need to toss the content mills and start finding your own clients.

It isn’t nearly as difficult as it might seem. You can find your dream clients very quickly.

This article will show you how to find your own clients.

Even if you’re not working for some writing platform, you may end up with some lower-paying clients.

When you’re starting out it can seem that any potential clients are better than none.

So, you may find yourself writing for clients that are no longer worth it.

These might be great people, but if you want to make more money you will have to consider letting them go.

It is business after all and they will understand.

Give then an opportunity to pay higher rates but if they refuse or simply can’t afford to, then go your separate ways.

There are plenty of high paying clients out there to replace them.

And as you grow as a freelancer and your confidence increases, it makes sense to spend your time on a better-paying client than one that pays you less.

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2. Increase Your Writing Rates

While you’re looking at what your clients are paying you, take the time to decide if your rates are high enough.

I get it…

When you’re first starting out, you can’t believe that anyone will want to pay you anything to write.

You’re afraid your rates are too high.

Let me tell you something, without even knowing what you’re charging I can promise you your rates are too low.

Your current clients don’t mind.

That’s for sure.

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But there is a good chance you are giving your writing away for next to nothing.

An ideal client will understand the value your writing brings to their business and they will be happy to pay you for that value.

It might be hard to double your rates overnight, but you can raise them without losing clients.

I would raise my rates at the first of every year.

At first, I only raised them a few dollars. (I always charged a flat rate.)

All of my clients understood. Then any new clients would be charged this higher rate from the start.

It will take longer to get to the rate level you would like this way, but it is pretty painless for everyone involved.

If it isn’t fast enough for you, you could always raise your rates twice a year or even quarterly.

Just be sure to give your clients a heads up that an increase is coming.

That will keep your client relationships on a firm footing.

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3. Change the Type of Writing You Do  

Not all writing is created equally. Some of it like writing for niche sites pays less than writing, for example, white papers or case studies.

If you find yourself writing low-income types of writing, then switch it up.

Start looking for higher-paying types of writing.

That can include:

  • White papers
  • Sales letters
  • Case studies
  • Email series

I’ve done all of the above except for sales letters.

Let me tell you, you can command hundreds and thousands of dollars for all of these types of writing instead of earning pennies per word.

Writing articles and blog posts are a great way to get started in freelance writing.

The bar to entry into the profession is very low, but these are also the lowest paying writing assignments.

Once you’ve got a little experience it pays to change what you are currently writing for higher-paying jobs and high-budget clients.

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4. Invest in Writing Education

You may be thinking that sure you’d love to write different types of content but you don’t know-how.

It is true that there are best practices when it comes to writing email series or case studies or what have you.

If you really want to branch out into some of these types of writing assignments then you might want to consider writing education.

The good news is you can take an online class and work at your own pace.

I’ve done it several times and it has always paid off.

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That’s why I was able to graduate from writing articles and about pages to case studies and email series.

Here are the classes I took that I feel would help you if this is a direction you want to go in.

This class teaches you how to write sales letters. Let me tell you, that is where the really big money is.

This class teaches you everything you need to know about web copy. 

This class teaches you how to create your own money-making websites. 

Finally, this class teaches you how to make a 6-figure income with no clients at all!

To Sum it All Up:

If you want to increase your writing income then you will need to be willing to raise your rates, let go of low-paying clients, change what you write, and even invest in some writing education. It will all pay off and you can earn more…much more without having to work any harder.

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