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Freelance Writing Education – What is it and Do You Need It?

freelance writing education
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Is there such a thing as freelance writing education and if so, what is it, and do you need it? The truth is, you don’t have to have any specific education to be a freelance writer. Even so, there are educational options that could help you be successful.

What is Freelance Writing Education?

There are two ways to look at education for freelance writers. One is general education such as college degrees and the second is specific courses to help you become a better freelance writer or to teach you how to write specific types of writing such as web copy or case studies or sales letters.

1. College Education

You don’t need a specific degree to be a freelance writer. I suppose if you wanted to be a freelance journalist, then a degree in journalism would be quite helpful.

But when I think about freelance writers, I picture writers that write for blogs, niche sites, and brick and mortar businesses.

For those types of freelance writing careers, there are no educational requirements. 

You aren’t looking for a job as a freelance writer. You are a business owner that provides a service – writing. 

Your clients aren’t going to ask you about your educational background. They aren’t hiring an employee and if they give off the vibe that they are looking at you as an employee you need to shut it down immediately and look for clients elsewhere.

It has been my experience that clients only care about whether or not you write well and meet your deadlines.

Depending on the type of writing you are doing, such as sales letters or email series, they will also look at how well your writing converts, meaning its click-through rate (CTR.)

If you are simply writing articles and web pages, then the CTR isn’t really a factor and you’re back at just being able to write well and meet deadlines.

In all of the years I have been writing no one – not one – has asked me about my educational background.

Now, I do happen to have two degrees in writing, a Bachelor’s in fiction writing, and a Masters of Fine Arts in fiction writing. 

Even so, I don’t think many clients would be all that impressed that I can write fiction.

If you are just starting out and thinking about freelance writing and going to college, then it would make sense to get a degree in writing, but it certainly isn’t necessary.

That’s the great thing about freelance writing. Anyone can do it. 

If you aren’t looking at going to college but you feel that your writing or grammar skills aren’t all they should be, then do look into taking a couple of writing classes or a grammar class.

If that’s not possible, then you can always get a couple of good books on the subject. You can find a good grammar book here and here. And this is a good basic writing book.

However, if your writing skills are pretty good, then you might want to consider some education on the different types of writing.

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2. Writing Courses for Specific Types of Writing

There are self-paced online courses you can take that deal with specific types of writing you may be asked to provide as a freelancer. 

These will provide you great value as they can take your writing abilities to the next level and also teach you how to do different types of writing that you may not be familiar with.

I’ve taken several of these myself. I like to write email series as well as case studies, but you have to know how to do this type of writing. 

You can’t simply wing it. There are certainly best practices and do’s and don’ts. 

This kind of writing pays a lot more than articles as well, so your clients expect you to be an expert and for the writing to be top-notch. 

That’s why you need to take a course to learn how to do the writing, but it’s worth it. 

Can you write a simple letter?  If yes, you could be in big demand, earning big money, writing just a few hours a day from anywhere in the world you choose to be. Find out more here.

A two-page case study can make you $1,500 dollars and a five to seven email series can make you $2,000 or more.

Also, if you really know what you’re doing, writing web content can pay very well too. Imagine, making $500 dollars for a 1,000-word article instead of $40 from some low-paying writing platform. 

That’s the difference these types of courses can make for your freelance writing career.

Not to mention writing sales letters can pay you thousands of dollars. $25,000 for a sales letter is not unusual. 

Here are the courses I took that have helped me become a successful freelance writer making thousands of dollars for my work instead of pennies.

  • Web Copywriting 2.0 – this course will teach you everything you need to know about how to write copy for websites. It even shows you how to get clients.
  • Accelerated Copywriting – this course will show you how to write sales letters and make, $5,000…$20,000…and even $100,000 for one letter.
  • Money Making Websites – if you want to write and make good money but not have clients, here is a course that will teach you to do just that.
  • Barefoot Writer Club – if you’re looking for access to successful writers, motivation, new clients, and a whole lot more, you might want to check this out. I’m a member and it is wonderful and really inexpensive.

The truth of the matter is if you want to be successful and want to up your game and make more money for your time, then freelance writing education in the form of online courses is the way to go.

It speeds up your success and kind of turbocharges your career.

As they say, you have to spend money to make money and if you are going to spend money it should be on something that will advance your career. It is an investment in yourself, and what’s better than that?

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Do You Really Need Freelance Writing Education?

The short answer is no. You don’t need to have any specific education to start out as a freelance writer.

Yes, I had a couple of degrees in writing, but all that meant was I was a pretty decent writer. My degrees did nothing to help me when it came to how to write for the web or any other business or sales writing.

I just jumped in feet first and hoped I landed in a good place and that did happen. I’d say I was lucky, but really it wasn’t luck.

I was just willing to take action and that’s what it comes down to.

If you can write well and meet a deadline, then you already have everything you need to get started and be successful as a freelance writer.

I only started taking classes when I wanted to expand what types of writing I could do, and do for much more money than I was making when I started out.

If I had it to do all over again, I would have taken the Web Copywriting 2.0 course much sooner than I did, and on day one I would have signed up for the Barefoot Writer Club

Those two things would have gotten me where I ended up, writing what I enjoyed for much more money, a lot sooner than it happened.

To Sum it All Up:

You don’t actually need freelance writing education. There are no educational requirements to be a freelance writer. Anyone can do it as long as they are a decent writer and their grammar is pretty good. Of course, if you want to move up to making more money for your writing and to do different types of writing that pay better than an article, then you might want to consider taking some online writing courses. They will be worth the investment. 

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