Everything You Need to Know About Freelance Writing

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Whether you’re just thinking about freelance writing or you’ve just started out or even have been writing for a while now, chances are you have questions about how to deal with clients, whether or not freelancing is right for you, or even what freelancers write about.

These articles will provide you with all the freelancing facts you should know before you get started or even if you are currently a freelancer.

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Can a Freelance Writer Become Rich Like a Millionaire?

You might be surprised just how much money you can make if you pick the right clients and the right type of writing. Find out more now…

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Can Anyone Become a Freelance Writer?

Yes, pretty much anyone can become a freelance writer. Discover what it takes and how you can start today…

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Freelance Writing Education – What is it and Do You Need It?

While you don’t need a college degree to become a freelance writer, there are types of online education that can help your career. Learn more here…

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How Should a Freelance Writer Deal with Bad Clients?

No one should work with a bad client, but it can be difficult to get rid of them. Here are several ways you can deal with a difficult writer or kick them to the curb. Find out how…

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Is Becoming a Freelance Writer Worth it?

The easy answer is yes, becoming a freelance writer is worth it. If you want to be your own boss and work from anywhere, there’s no better way to do so. Find out what you need to know to get started…

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Is it Necessary to do a Course for Pursuing a Career in Freelance Writing

While it is not necessary to take any courses to be a freelance writer, there are some out there that will help take your career to the next level. Learn what they are and how they can benefit you…

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Should Freelance Writers Stick to a Specific Niche?

This isn’t a simple yes or no answer. Sometimes sticking to one niche makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. Learn more about niches and what will work best for you here…

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Should I Start a Blog as a Freelance Writer?

Chances are, you have, at one time or another, gotten advice that you should start a blog as a freelance writer. I talk about why that’s a bad idea here…

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Should I Try Freelance Writing?

There’s no good reason to not try freelance writing. That is unless you hate writing and have terrible grammar. Then it might not be a good idea. Read on to see if freelance writing is for you…

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What are The Most Common Mistakes Freelance Writers Make When Starting Out

Trust me, there isn’t a freelance writer out there that hasn’t make a lot of mistakes, me included. Here are some of the top ones and how you can avoid them…

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What do Freelance Writers Write About?

You might be surprised, but freelance writers write about all sorts of things and do all different kinds of writing. It is all articles for blogs. Read on to discover what you might be writing about…

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What Do You Love Most About Freelance Writing Online

There is a lot to love about freelance writing. Here you’ll find some of the very best things about freelancing…

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Can I Be a Writer Without a Degree? Yes, You Can!

You certainly don’t need a degree to be a writer of any kind including freelance writing. Discover what it really takes to be a writer in today’s world.

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Do I Make Enough Money to Rent an Apartment

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How Much of Your Salary Should You Spend on Rent