51 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money Fast

If you’re looking to save money, I’ve got 51 easy ways to save money fast starting today. In fact, I actually have 258 easy ways to save money fast. If you’d like the additional 207, you can get them for free below. Just click on the link to get instant access to The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money.

Until then, here are 51 to get you started. While not all of them will fit your personal situation, you should be able to find a good selection that will help keep money in your pocket and reduce your monthly expenses.

The best part is that you can start saving money today!

So, let’s get started…

51 Easy Ways to Save Money Fast

1. Ask for a lower interest rate on your credit card – You might be surprised, but if you’ve been making the payments on time for a while, they will be open to cutting a percentage point or two off. That can make a big difference.

2. Attend free concerts – In the warmer months, there tend to be a lot of free concerts. Take advantage of them and forget paying for expensive tickets.

3. Barter for goods and services that you may need, – This is a great way to save money. Spend a little bit of your time and get something for free.

For example, I wrote content for the website of a dentist in my town, and instead of being paid for my services, I got free dental care. I came out ahead on the deal.

4. Boil water in the microwave rather than on the stove – It takes up to 60% less energy to do so.

5. Buy a refurbished computer – You can find them on eBay.

6. Buy greeting cards at a dollar store or a thrift shop – I’ve done this. You’d be surprised how many you can find for 50 cents. It sure beats paying $5 for a card that someone is going to look at for two seconds and then throw away.

7. Buy reading glasses at a dollar store – Glasses are expensive. You can get great reading glasses at a dollar store for just a buck. Now it’s hard to beat that!

8. Buy used video games – eBay is a great place to buy used video games. Just make sure the person you’re buying them from has good feedback.

With eBay’s buyer protection, you can return them without too much trouble if they don’t work.

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9. Buy your next Cell Phone from Amazon – Amazon has all of the latest, hot phones, but their prices tend to be cheaper. Also, if you have Amazon Prime you can get it in two days for free.

10. Can vegetables from your garden – This will save you a lot of money during the winter months.

11. Cancel magazine subscriptions – There’s so much free reading material out there that it doesn’t really make sense any longer to have magazine subscriptions.

You can also read magazines at the library for free.

12. Change your HVAC filter once a month for peak efficiency – This will save you money each month on your utility bills.

13. Check out $5 meal plans – There are sites online that will help you plan a whole meal for your family for just $5 bucks.

14. Check with the hospital to see if they have a bill assistance program – There’s no doubt about it. Medical bills are so expensive.

If you’re having trouble paying for yours, just know that most hospitals have some sort of program to help you pay them.

Usually, it’s a sliding scale where they will write a percentage off. They may even write all of it off depending on your income level.

15. Clean or change out your car’s air filter – If your car’s air filter is clean you can see up to a 7% gas mileage improvement

16. Reduce your co-pays – Ask your doctor for a three-money or even six-month supply of medicines that you take on a continual basis. That way you won’t have to pay co-pays as often and they should be less overall.

17. Get rid of your landline – They seem to be going the way of the dinosaur, but if you’ve been hanging onto yours, now is the time to get rid of it.

18. Reduce your water heater temperature to 120 degrees – For every 10 degrees you lower the temperature, you’ll save 3 to 5% on water heating costs.

19. Do holiday shopping right after the holidays – You’ll find the best deals then. This is true of any holiday.

20. Don’t order soda when eating out – You pay a major premium for this. I mean really is a glass of soda really worth $2.50?!

21. Don’t let your car idle – This uses gas needlessly. Today’s cars don’t need to warm up like those of years gone by. Thirty seconds does the job.

22. Don’t overspend on hygiene products or makeup – Instead, check out a dollar store. You’ll be surprised at the name-brand items – including makeup – that they carry.

23. Drive less aggressively – If you slow down and enjoy the scenery, you can lower your blood pressure and increase your gas mileage by 33%.

24. Eat dessert at home – Desserts are where restaurants make a good deal of their profit. When you eat out, enjoy your meal, and then go home to have your desserts and coffee.

25. Get tires for your car at a wholesale club – They have name brands, but the cost is less.

26. Have a clean-out the pantry week every couple of months – Chances are, you buy things at the grocery store that you end up not using. Once every couple of months, clean out your pantry and use these items up instead of buying something else.

27. Hold a clothing swap – This can be a great idea especially if you have lost weight and need new sizes.

28. If your car is worth less than $2,000 drop collision and comprehensive coverage – The amount you save in car insurance will more than make up for what little you would receive if you have an accident. This is one of the best easy ways to save money fast.

29. Inflate your tires – For every two PSI of air pressure under the recommended level, you lose 1% of your gas mileage. It just costs a couple of bucks to put air in your tires, so stop by your gas station and check yours today.

30. Insulate your water heater – You can save 4 to 9% in water heating costs by insulating your water heater.

31. Invest in a deep freezer – With a deep freezer, you can stock up when meat is on sale. You can even buy a side of beef. Keep in mind, you don’t need a brand new deep freezer. A used one will do.

32. Learn about all of the benefits your company offers – Your company may offer free gym memberships or other benefits that you can take advantage of to save money.

33. Limit trips in the car – If you combine errands into a once-a-week thing, you’ll save on gas and be less likely to make impulse buys.

34. Master the 30-day rule – If you want to make a large purchase, try and wait 30 days before you do so. Then you can decide if it is truly a want or a need

35. Move closer to your place of work – If this is possible, you can save on commuting expenses just as gas, oil changes, and parking if you’re close enough to walk or bike.

36. Pack food for road trips – This will keep you from stopping at a restaurant along the road.

37. Pay car insurance semi-annually – You will be offered a discount on your insurance premium.

38. Pay for your life insurance annually – Ditto!

39. A staycation instead of a resort vacation – You can get back to nature and save some money too.

40. Switch to a credit union – Fees at credit unions tend to be lower or non-existent. Also, credit unions usually offer lower interest rates on car and home loans.

41. Take excess weight out of the trunk of your car –  For every100 lbs you have in the truck of your car, you can expect to pay 2% higher gas prices.

If you’re looking for easy ways to save money fast, go look in the trunk of your car right now.

42. Use a prepaid credit card – Sometimes you need a credit card like when you rent a car or for paying for things online. (That will help keep your debit card and checking account save.)

A prepaid credit card does come with some fees, but you won’t be paying interest, so they can be a good option.

43. Use Ebates – This is a no-brainer. Seriously folks, if you shop online, why wouldn’t you want to get money back on things you purchase online anyway?

With Ebates you get cashback every time you buy something from one of their member stores – and they have tons of them. I use it myself.

44. Use trees and shrubs to shade your home – This is really important if you live in a warmer part of the country. You will see your A/C bills go down.

45. Wash laundry in cold water – Heating the water takes 90% of the energy needed to run a washing machine. Besides, the cold water will wash your clothing just as well.

I started doing this, and it really was one of the best easy ways to save money fast. I could see a small difference in my heating bill the very next month.

46. Work on improving your credit score – This will reduce the interest rates you are offered saving you thousands of dollars over the years.

47. Work part-time at your local stadium to get discounts on sporting events – If there is a stadium nearby and you’re a fan of sports or concerts, this is a great way to make some extra money and save money as well.

48. Don’t buy prepared foods or pre-cut veggies – They are a nice convenience, but you’re paying a premium price for them.

49. Don’t speed – Avoiding a speeding ticket will not only save you the price of the ticket, but it will help keep your car insurance costs lower due to good driver’s discounts.

50. Drive your car longer – I know it is tempting to run out and buy a new car after yours is a few years old, but try not to. Once you get it paid off, keep driving it and save that money you were spending on your car payment.

I can tell you from personal experience, there’s nothing quite as nice as not having to fork out $400 or $500 dollars a month for a car payment.

Bonus Tip: Look into mail-order pharmacies for your long-term medications – You can get the same medications, but the price tends to be much lower.

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