Can You Write a Check in Blue Ink?

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Have you ever wondered, can you write a check in blue ink? The quick answer is yes, you can, but why should it matter? Are there ink colors that you can’t use? Actually, one ink color on a check might get your bank account closed. So, let’s check out why the color ink you use on your check is important.

Can You Write a Check in Blue Ink?

Actually blue and black ink are the two colors that banks want you to write your checks in.

So, writing a check in blue ink is completely fine.

There is no actual law when it comes to ink colors for check writing, but banks do care.

It has to do with their check scanning technology and their security technology.

Their scanning equipment can read blue and black ink without issue.

But when it comes to other pens for writing checks and other colors for writing checks, you may have an issue with another color besides blue or black.

Red ink, for example, can’t be read by their scanning equipment, so the original check might look like a blank check.

This will be picked up in their fraud alerts and the check will not be honored.

Even worse, you might get your bank account closed down and it can be difficult to get your account opened again.

Financial institutions take fraud very seriously and you can end up in hot water even if you didn’t do anything wrong.

Keep in mind, a personal check is a legal document, so you need to treat it as such.

And when you write a check be sure to use a blue or black color pen for the entire check.

While it can be fun to play around with all different colors of fountain pens when it comes to paper checks, stick to the boring blue or black ink as the dark colors are easier for the bank’s system to pick up and light colors are more difficult.

You would never have thought that the color of ink you select to write a check could make so much difference but it does.

While ink colors might be one question you have about checks, here is some additional check trivia that you need to know…

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Can I Deposit a Check for Someone Else?

Yes, you certainly can.

You will just need to make sure that the other person has signed the back of the check and filled out a deposit slip.

Also, it is best if the other person isn’t keeping out any cash.

If that is the case then you might have an issue if that person is not with you.

For example, I had a check payable to my mother. She wanted it deposited into her account, but she was keeping $40 dollars out.

She had signed the back of the check and had filled out a deposit slip.

I went through the drive-through and presented the check for deposit.

Because my mother was keeping money out of the check, the bank teller did ask if she was in the car with me.

She was, so she just had to lean over and okay the deposit.

Now, if she was depositing the full amount, there wouldn’t have been an issue.

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Can Someone Else Cash a Check for Me

It can be a little difficult to have someone else cash a check for you, but it can be done.

The main thing is that this other person will need to have their own checking account in good standing.

Then you will need to sign the check over to them.

At that point, they can deposit the check into their account and then give you cash.

Keep in mind, the bank might put a hold on the check until it clears.

That means that you may have to wait a few days or even a week or longer before your friend or relative can give you your money.

Also, most businesses such as Walmart or a grocery store that cashes checks will not cash this type of check.

It is considered a third-party check and they simply won’t cash it.

Your best option is to have a friend or relative deposit the check into their account.

How Often Should You Typically Monitor Your Checking Account

This is really up to you and your comfort level.

But with online banking and banking apps, it makes sense to take a look daily to ensure everything is as it should be.

It only takes a couple of minutes and will give you peace of mind.

It is amazing just how many bank accounts and the like are hacked on a daily basis. 

According to cybersecurity statistics, a whopping 2,200 accounts are hacked each day. That is one every 39 seconds.

It adds up to 803,000 accounts each year and if you think it won’t happen to you, think again.

I’ve had my PayPal account hacked four times. 

Most likely through my PayPal debit card.

Because that account is linked to my bank account, it was a real mess. 

So, I like to make sure everything looks good every day.

At the very least, you should consider checking weekly.

Can I Cash a Ripped Check

There is a good chance that you won’t be able to cash a ripped check.

It won’t be able to go through your bank’s automatic processing system.

That alone could keep you from being able to cash it.

Then if any of the important information is missing or torn you won’t be able to cash it either.

All of the following will need to be intact:

  • The signature
  • The routing number
  • The account number

If all of those are intact then your best bet is to go to a branch of the bank that the check is drawn on.

So if the issuing bank is Wells Fargo, then go there and see if they will cash it.

If they won’t, then you will need to get a replacement check.

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What is a Check Register?

A check register simply put is a little journal that you use to record all of the checks you have written, any deposits you have made, and any other money that has gone into or out of your bank account.

This is then used to reconcile your checkbook with your bank statement each month.

It is also called a cash disbursements journal.

Typically you will receive one when you order a new set of checks.

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To Sum it All Up:

If you’re going to write a check use blue or black ink. Steer clear from red ink or any other light color that might cause you problems. You can deposit a check for someone else and even have someone else cash a check for you. Keep your bank account and your money safe by keeping a close eye on your account with online banking or a banking app.

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