Can You Use Checks with An Old Address?

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You pull out your checkbook and you have a stack of perfectly good checks except for one thing. You’ve moved since you ordered the checks and the address is no longer correct. So before you write a check you might be wondering can you use checks with an old address? Let’s find out…

Can You Use Checks with An Old Address?

Surprisingly, yes you can.

The address is not an important part of the check.

Instead, what really matters is the bank account number and the routing number.

With that information, the bank cashing the check will be able to determine whose check it is and where the account is located.

If you do have the wrong address on your checks, you might want to consider crossing it out and providing your new address.

While this isn’t completely necessary, you could run into a vendor that will require a correct address on your check.

In today’s world, a lot of people don’t even put their current address or any address on their checks.

Back in the day, people would put their address, phone number, and even social security number if you can believe it.

That has all changed.

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Can I Order Checks Online that Do Not Include My Address?

If you would prefer personal checks that don’t include your address you can order them that way.

99% of the time you will have no issue with it.

As mentioned before, you might run into that one person or vendor that will want your address on the check.

In that case, you can either write it in or have on hand an address label that you can stick on your check. 

A box of checks is pretty cheap nowadays, so you could always order one with your address and one without.

That way you will have both available and be covered regardless of what you need.

You also won’t have to worry about having the wrong address on your checks or changing it to the correct address if you move.

Chances are, you don’t use checks much anymore as a form of payment.

Most people use their debit card or online banking, so checks aren’t as important as they used to be.

But it is handy to have some on hand.

I use them to pay the guy that mows my lawn, but that is about it and he doesn’t care if I have an incorrect address or no address on my checks.

How to Change Your Address on Checks

If you do want to have a physical check available and you have moved then it is pretty easy to get your address changed.

First off, you will need to make sure your bank has your current address.

You will also want to update your phone number and email address if they have changed as well.

Once your address has been updated in the bank’s system, then you can go ahead and order a pack of checks from your bank or an online check company.

Typically it is less expensive to buy from an online check provider rather than your bank and you should be able to find several options for affordable checks.

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Can I Use Checks with My Maiden Name?

This gets a little more difficult.

Most businesses will want to see that the name on your check matches the name on your driver’s license.

That means if you have your married name on your driver’s license then you will find it is difficult to use a check with your maiden name.

On the other hand, if your driver’s license still has your maiden name on it then it shouldn’t be an issue.

If you changed your name after you got married and changed it on your driver’s license then the best thing you can do is to change your name on your bank account and then order new checks.

You may have to bring your marriage certificate to the customer service rep at the bank to make the change.

Do You Still Need Paper Checks?

While it is true that paper checks aren’t a popular option to deal with paying bills and shopping any longer, it does make sense to have them available.

Mobile banking has come a long way, but the kid who just shoveled the snow in your driveway will most likely want cash or a check.

You might find yourself in a situation where a store won’t take a debit or credit card.

It sounds crazy but it does still happen.

Checks and deposit slips are cheap enough that it does make sense to keep them on hand just in case you need one.

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Do Old Checks Expire or Can You Keep Using Them?

Your personal checks that you write others do not expire.

If you receive a check from someone else it may.

Chances are you have received business checks in the form of payroll checks or a business paying you for services rendered and you will see that it says it will expire in 90 days or 6 months.

If you don’t cash that check before it expires, the company will need to issue you a new check.

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How to Dispose of Your Old Checks

If you do purchase new checks it is best to dispose of your unwritten checks.

You don’t want to just throw them away.

Someone might find them and use them or steal your personal information. 

One favorite option is to shred them.

If you own a shredder then just run them through and put them in a bag.

If you don’t own a shredder ask your bank teller if they have a program that shreds old checks.

If so, you can give them the checks and they will take care of it.

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To Sum it All Up:

Having the right mailing address or home address on your checks isn’t totally necessary. You can always cross out the incorrect address and add the new one or not worry about it at all. You don’t even actually have to have your address on your check. It is possible you will run into a situation where the vendor wants to check your address against your driver’s license, but that is rare.

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