Can I Afford a Lamborghini – Maybe but Maybe Not

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Wondering, “Can I Afford a Lamborghini?” No doubt this is one expensive car, but you might be surprised to discover that if you do the right things, you can have one of these beauties sitting in your driveway.

Can I Afford a Lamborghini

The truth of the matter is, if you want a Lamborghini you will need to have some money saved up or a job that provides you with enough monthly income to afford payments.

One interesting fact is that Lamborghini owners are getting younger, so all those people that have started tech start-ups or some other business are taking advantage of all that money and buying themselves a really nice car.

There are really only two ways to buy a Lamborghini and that’s either paying cash or getting financing.

It’s true that if you are willing to buy used, then you will save a lot of money.

If we take a look at the two newest models, the Lamborghini Huracán and the Aventador, you will indeed need a lot of cash.

The Huracán sells for between $200,000 and $262,000 dollars.

The Aventador sells for between $400,000 and $530,000 dollars.

This is without any additional trim package that can add twenty to thirty thousand dollars or more.

Chances are the Huracan is closer to being in your price range.

The good news is that you can always lease a Lamborghini. This will save you quite a bit of money.

You will need around $12,000 dollars to put down and you can expect monthly lease payments of $3,000.

This lease will be for three years and only provides 2,500 miles per year for driving.

So, don’t expect to take this car out of your garage very often.

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Jobs that Can Afford a Lamborghini

Experts say you shouldn’t spend more on a car than half your annual income. That means you’d have to make $400,000 dollars per year to buy a $200,000 dollar car.

Not that many people actually make that kind of cash, but there are some jobs that will get you there.

These jobs will prove a $400,000 dollar annual salary or even more.

  • Investment Banker
  • CEO
  • Doctor (some)
  • CFO
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Corporate Attorney

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Average Lamborghini Owner Income

The average income of a Lamborginini owner is over $330,000 dollars.

This isn’t a car that the average person can buy.

It is simply too expensive and the upkeep and maintenance are very high as well.

If you really want to buy this car then the best thing you can do is start saving your money.

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The bigger the down payment you can make the easier it will be to buy.

If you’re just starting out, consider going to school for one of the jobs on the above list.

This will give you the income you need to buy this amazing car.

If all else fails, check into buying a used car as you can find cars at a 50 percent or more discount. 

If they are still in good shape then this is the way to go.

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To Sum it All Up:

The truth is most people will never make enough money to buy a Lamborghini due to the high purchase price. They are simply too expensive to finance or to pay cash for and leave little to no room to pay for your other monthly expenses. It really isn’t a wise purchase for most. The best way to get one of these cars is to train for a profession that will allow you to make the monthly payments, or to lease one.

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