Welcome to The Money Pixie Blog!

I spent my life making every financial mistake there is to make. I got myself deeply into debt with no real way of paying it off.

Too often, I ignored my problems instead of dealing with them. I was the true ostrich with my head buried deeply in the sand.

I felt that if I ignored it or pretended it didn’t exist, my debt and financial problems would magically disappear. Of course, that didn’t happen! They just got worse…and worse.

I had another problem as well. I couldn’t stand the thought of working for someone else. Sure, I did have a few 9 to 5 jobs as an accountant and in banking, but I hated every minute of it.

I dreamed of working for myself from home.

So…I did what any good ostrich would do. I quit my job even though I didn’t have a $100 in the bank. I continued to ignore my debts and live life on the edge.

I did work some odd jobs…and some of them were pretty odd, but for the most part, I was broke and had no prospects of improving my life and had $30K in credit card debt. (I talk about how I paid off $30K in credit card debt in 9 months here.)

Not wanting to get a “real” job, I decided I should go back to school.

I already had a degree in accounting and had even been an accountant and worked in international banking, but I went back and got a BA and then a Masters’s. Of course, I picked a major that was bound to get me a great job to pull me out of my desperate situation…Creative Writing.

Did I mention I made bad financial mistakes? Well, I had my degrees and another $57,000 in student loan debt piled up on top of my unpaid credit card bills and unpaid medical bills. ( I talk about how I paid it off in 15 months here.)

At the time I was living in Florida on the beach and I remember sitting there looking at the horizon and watching the waves and realizing how much of life I was missing out on.

That every day I stayed in this situation was another day I couldn’t live life the way I dreamed of, and if I was ever going to, I had to stop dreaming and take action.

So, I decided to do something about it, but I had to do it my way.

That meant not working in some soul-sucking misery of a job.

I had to find a way to pay off all of my debt and start saving money and start living the life I had always wanted and that’s what I did.

The reason I am writing this blog is that I figure there are others out there like me.

Maybe you’ve not always been great with money.

Maybe you’re not happy living a conventional life and working a 9 to 5 job, or maybe you have debt that you need to pay off.

The bottom line is that perhaps your finances are keeping you from living the life you want.

For me, that life is a life less ordinary

It allows me to make a good living from home…or anywhere… and allows me to travel the world when I feel like it and to have the things I want without having to go into debt to get them.

For you, it may be something else, but it all starts with being debt-free and understanding credit and how to use credit the right way to pay off debts even if that sounds backward.

You know, I’m not a “how to make money guru” or an investment banker, or even that great at math, but I am someone that has figured out how to live a great life doing what I want to do when I want to do it and how to surround myself with the experiences that make life worth living and the material things that make me happy.

And with this blog, my goal is to help you find and live your best life.