17 Cool Things to Buy with $1,000 Dollars

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We all have our price in mind when we are out shopping and looking for something to buy. For some, it’s $200 dollars. For others, the number is $1,000 dollars. No matter what your budget is, there are plenty of cool things to buy with $1,000 dollars.

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Cool Things to Buy with $1,000 Dollars

Here are some of the best things you can buy or do with $1,000 dollars…

1. Take a Road Trip with Friends

A road trip is a great way to go on vacation with your friends.

It can also be a great opportunity to travel and see the country if you have the time.

Road trips are an awesome way to spend time with friends and family because you will have plenty of opportunities to stop at different places along the way and get out and see some of the local attractions.

You will never regret going on a road trip. It will give you memories to enjoy and share for years to come.

2. Buy Equipment for Your Hobby

If you have a hobby, you may want to consider buying some equipment for it.

For instance, if you like jogging or bicycling, you may want to invest in new sports gear for your hobby or a new bicycle.

You will enjoy it and have fun the next time you go out on a jog or ride.

Golf clubs are a great option as well.

Let’s face it, most hobbies can end up being pretty expensive like figure skating for example.

So, if you have an extra $1000 bucks spending it on your hobby is a great way to go.

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3. Buy an iPhone

It seems like there is always a new iPhone coming out and the prices of these things never go down.

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones and it’s also pretty popular among those who like to take pictures.

The camera on the iPhone is great for taking pictures of objects, landscapes, and even close up.

Besides, you can always brag to your friends when you have a newer iPhone than they do.

4. Buy a New Computer

If you want to get yourself a new computer or laptop then $1,000 dollars will certainly do the trick.

A new laptop for gaming or just surfing the web is always a good idea.

It truly brings the world to your fingertips. 

5. Go on a Clothes Shopping Spree

If you have a good sense of fashion then you may want to go on a clothes shopping trip.

It will be fun to try on different outfits and spend some time with friends.

I know I love to shop. 

In fact, I can’t think of anything I enjoy more.

Having an extra $1,000 dollars to spend would certainly make my day.

6. Buy Some Jewelry

If you want some jewelry then $1,000 dollars is just enough to get you some nice pieces for your collection.

For me, I don’t care too much about jewelry, but I do love handbags. 

I could buy a nice one for $1,000 dollars. 

Chances are, that’s exactly what I’d do.

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7. Take Some Friends on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you want to go on a nice trip with friends, consider taking them on a hot air balloon ride.

It can be a lot of fun if you’re with the right people.

I did this a number of years ago with my boyfriend at the time.

We were in Scottdale, Arizona and it was just the two of us and the guy piloting the hot air balloon.

It was pretty amazing floating 1,000 feet over the desert.

8. Go to a Professional Football Game

The next time you have to take a trip with your friends or family, consider going to watch a professional football game.

You will have a great time and you’ll be able to enjoy quality time with those that you love the most.

As expensive as games are, it might take the full $1,000 dollars for a family of four to go to the game.

If not, you could always go out of town with your partner to enjoy a night away and a game as well.

9. Go on A Winter Skiing Trip

If you live in or near a town that offers skiing during the winter then one of the best things you can do is go skiing.

It’s cool and it’s fun!

Most ski resorts offer different packages depending on how long you want to stay and how much money you want to spend.

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10. Go Shark Cage Diving

If you are looking for an exciting experience to share with your friends then consider going on a shark cage diving expedition.

This is a great way to get close to sharks without having to worry about getting hurt.

I don’t think you’ll find me doing this, but it sure would be pretty cool.

10. Go Deep Sea Fishing

Another activity that’s enjoyable with friends is going deep-sea fishing.

It’s also a good way to get your kids involved in some outdoor fun.

And if you like to fish, you might be able to cook what you catch.

11. Throw a Party

If you want to have a good time with friends and family then consider throwing a party.

It can be a lot of fun especially if you get everyone involved in planning the party and getting everything ready.

12. Go Kayaking with Friends

If you like kayaking or canoeing, then get together with friends and go kayaking or canoeing on a river.

There’s nothing better than getting outside in nature and enjoying the beauty of streams, rivers, and lakes.

Plan a weekend at a white water rafting resort and enjoy.

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13. Go Skydiving

If you are a thrill-seeker who likes excitement then why not try skydiving?

It can be an awesome experience and it’s also fun to do with friends.

You’ll have a blast!

You can expect to spend about $250 dollars per person.

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13. Rent A House On The Ocean Or Lake

One of the best things that you can with your family or friends is to get together and rent a house on the beach, lake, or ocean.

This is a great way to spend quality time together and there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy water activities.

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14. Go Bungee Jumping

Somewhere out there you can have your very own day of excitement by going bungee jumping with your friends.

You can make it fun by trying to outdo each other to see who is the most fearless.

I can already guarantee you that I am a major chicken, so you won’t be seeing me out there.

15. Go to Several Concerts

The next time your favorite bands come to town why not try going to as many of their shows as you possibly can?

You may also be able to meet some people who like the same music that you do.

Or see several different artists and enjoy a musical tour of bands.

16. Go Ziplining

If you’re ready for a thrill then ziplining is right up your alley.

There are many places around the country and overseas that offer this activity. 

And while it might seem like a wild ride, it’s actually quite safe.

Just hold on tight!

17. Go Whale Watching

If you live on the coast, then whale watching is a great way to spend the afternoon.

Just make sure the weather is good so that the whales will be around.

And don’t forget to take a lot of pictures.

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To Sum it Up:

There are hundreds of cool ways you can spend $1,000 dollars. Just use your imagination and you’ll come up with one that is perfect for you.

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